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Assurance of no damage, excess, pilferage, shortage
Transparent pricing
Best last mile serices: Pick-up and Door delivery
Specialised Delivery through appointment for sales returns
Simple automated operations
Improved distribution efficiency
Zero defect operations
Superior customer Experience

Sectors We Serve



A robust supply chain is essential for the automotive industry to thrive. We provide time-bound, damage-free, doorstep transportation solutions to solve key problems of the automotive industry.


The publishing sector has two cycles. The first beginning at the start of the calendar year with bulk orders for the upcoming academic season and the second one starting towards the middle of the calendar year with sales returns. We provide customised transportation services for both the cycles specialising in appointment based deliveries for sales returns.


We have skilled labour for delicate handling of fast-moving fragile goods. With our services you are assured of least damage, excess, pilferage and shortage in your consignments. By solving these problems and providing fastest time-to-market solutions we are the preferred logistics partners for several FMCG customers.


We provide timely and speedy deliver mechanism for life-saving drugs with our assurance of no spoilage and damage. Our efficient and transparent last mile delivery and transport mechanism makes us the ideal choice for the healthcare sector. Our customised services give the healthcare industry the solutions that it needs for making the supply chain glitch free.


The apparel and lifestyle sector needs specialised solutions and almost the same time-to-market schedule as that of the FMCG sector. Trends and seasonal variations are fast moving, which makes on-time deliveries a must for this sector. Our time-perfected, swift delivery process helps us serve all the needs of this sector efficiently.


A very cyclical sector that relies on the speed and timeliness of service. Any delay in shipment can adversely affect the sale of agriculture produce. The limited delivery window of the consignments calls for almost surgical precision in operations. There is little to no margin of error when handling timely consignments from the sector. Our zero defect operations make us the preferred choice for our customers.

Conveniently located booking and delivery offices


The Golden Transport is guided by the principles of equality and dignity of labour, combined with the virtues of empathy and fairness. The corporate commandments of the organisation ensure that we nurture and support the people around us and work towards making positive impact on their lives - no matter how small.

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