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Stronger Together


The Golden Transport Corporation is guided by the principles of equality and dignity of labour, combined with the virtues of empathy and fairness. The corporate commandments of the organisation ensure that we nurture and support the people around us and work towards making positive impact on their lives - no matter how small.

The Golden Transport runs the following micro initiatives to make sure that the driver and labour community who are the front runners of this sector live with dignity and respect:

Garam roti and charpoy:

The initiative was started by the founder, Mr Harish Gaba, at the time of inception. He ensured that his team of drivers (both long-haul and last-mile) and labour gets two square meals a day and space to rest their heads after a long day.

A langree (cook in Punjabi language) prepares nutritious home cooked meals – served hot, twice a day at no cost to the drivers, labour and other office staff. The organisation also provides a place to rest for all its drivers and labour on the premise, to help them get much deserved downtime.

Medical emergency support:

Medical bills can be back breaking for families. The Golden Transport stands by its staff in medical emergencies and helps them get access to best in class doctors and medical support. From small medical expenses to hospital bills, the organisation helps its staff navigate the financial tough times.

Daughter’s weddings and interest free loans:

Giving a beloved daughter a good wedding is a family’s dream. The Golden Transport ensures that this dream does not become a debt-burden and helps its eligible staff secure interest-free loans. Additionally, all long-haul drivers receive a contribution of Rs51,000/- from the founder personally for their daughter’s wedding.